Changhong Digital Smart TV 3D55B25OOi 55-inch, 3D50B25OOi Smart 3D TV and 3D LED 42868

Changhong Digital Smart TV

[caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="593"]Changhong Digital Smart TV 3D55B25OOi 55-inch, 3D50B25OOi Smart 3D TV and 3D LED 42868 Changhong Digital Smart[/caption]

Changhong intelligent operating system is completely independent researched and development with innovative virtual machine technology, its fully compatible with International mainstream operating system and it will be one of the smart home solution in the near future.

Changhong Digital Smart TV 3D55B25OOi 55-inch

Changhong Digital comes with it's new model of smart TV, the 3D55B25OOi 55-inch. This smart TV comes with a Linux operating system that featuring; 55 inches smart 3D TV, 2D to 3D conversion, Wi-Fi Ready, Smart Backlight Control System, Ultra Narrow Bezel 0.99 cm, Liux Operating System, Youtube, Twitter, Picassa, Facebook, Skype, ISDB-T Digital TV Ready App Store, App management, buit-in 13 Apps, Super Browser that support HTML 5 for online Games and weather app, smart upgrading and app upgrading in time, cinema sound a high quality speaker plus SRS, 3 energy saving technology for panel, chassis, and power board, Full HD Multi-Media Play, cross crystal and feetedge design, and UC Pro Engine.

Changhong Digital Smart TV 3D50B25OOi 50-inch

While the 3D50B25OOi Smart 3D TV that comes in 50 inches display screen, 3D50B25OOi Smart 3D TV featuring mostly the same with 3D55B25OOi 55-inch Smart 3D T, however, the only differences between the two model is 3D50B25OOi Smart 3D TV comes with Toughed Glass Transparent Base.

Changhong 3D LED 42868

Furthermore, the Changhong 3D LED 42868 TV will bring 3D to your home and open a brand new visua; experience that never experience before. Expanding your plian two dimensional viewing to three dimensional world. 3D LED 42868, a powerful product line up of Changhong TV will feed your sight with feast.

3D LED 42868 Chanhong TV featuring 42 inches LED 3D TV, 2D to 3D Conversion, Full HD 1920 by 1080p, 2 mega pixel, metal brush finish, swivel based, panel lock, component input, two AV in, AV out, two USB input for media center, HDMI port, PC Input, and with 4 pcs. of 3D passive glass.

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