All New Warcraft III Dota Cheats AI or Non-AI for LAN, Single Game, and Garena

Warcraft III  Dota Cheats AI or Non-AI for LAN

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Here is the complete set of new cheat commands you can use for Warcraft III Dota. AI or Non-AI

The DOTA cheat to Levels up your hero comes with the command -lvlup n where "n" is a number, for example you want level 15, then key in a command "-lvlup 15".

Also, if you want to level ups all bots character, the command for that comes like "-levelbots n" for example you want all bots comes with level 10, then the command is "-levelbots 5".

You want to buy goods, upgrade weapons and comes with no GOld in hand with the DOTA Cheat -gold, you will recieve lots of Gold of your choice. Example for DOTA Gold cheat comes -gold 25000. Instantly you have 25000 Gold in hand.

Your in the middle of battle and Mana runs dry, DOTA comes with a cheat to reset cooldowns and gives full hp or mana. HP and MANA DOTA cheats comes -refresh commands.

To Respawns your hero instantly a -respawn comand for DOTA is what you need, no more no less. Also, to Spawns creeps instantly in DOTA use -spawncreeps cheat command. See also, -spawnneutrals to Spawns neutrals instantly.

Also, with DOTA Cheats, use -disablecreepspawn commands to disables lane creep spawning, and as opposite use -enablecreepspawn commands to enable again the lane creep spawning.

With DOTA cheat as player you can sets timer to 0:00, creeps spawns and game starts, with startgame commands.

Gives vision for both teams. Use -normalvision to undo this change. See also, -allvision as opposite or to set undo.

If you want to get killed all creeps, use the Command DOTA cheat, "-killcreeps" as well as if you wan't to destroy and kill all wards use the "-killwards".

To removes cooldown, Mana cost etc. Use -unwtf DOTA Cheat command to undo this change.

With -dumpbots command it allows you to displays AI status, in your screen.

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