Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T1C and 500T1C Product Review

With smart PC you can enjoy the convenient of a tablet and the power of fully equipped PC workstation running on an OS platform x86 or x64 Windows 8 or Windows Pro, thanks to Samsung ATIV Smart PC that comes to the market with model value, Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T1C and Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T1C. And this sleek and sexy stuff featuring the following; 

ATIV defines as Art of Technology Interconnection Versatility by my friends on Samsung although other closed friends of mine define ATIV as Vitality.

First, flexible mode which is easy to shift from PC to tablet with its innovative docking keyboard. With this you can work anywhere as well as play games.

Second, using stylus pen you can directly write, draws, sketch, and other arts on it’s gorilla glass display using sPen and sNote apps which is exclusively for Samsung smart pc only, which means you cannot run sPen and sNote on the other tablet brand although you can install it and enjoy viewing experience with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display.

For a bit of information, sNote is a presentation software were you can create journals and other presentations.

Third, with Samsung ATIV Smart PC you can take snap shoot anywhere you are with the aid of it’s 2 mega pixel front camera and 5 mega pixel rear camera, and one more thing there are also rumours that Samsung will developed a smart PC equip with 8 mega pixel rear camera, to the fact that Asus Vivo tablet product comes with it but ATIV of Samsung is more powerful and sexy than Asus Vivo I think.

Fourth, Samsung smart PC 11.6 inches full HD(1920 x 1080) screen Display support multi touch capability, even your ten fingertips at the same time, great time to play with my favourite fruit ninja.

Last but not the least, with Samsung app store you can download billion of applications for free, which is the first thing I consider before buying product especially computing machines.

Furthermore, another rumours about Samsung ATIV smart PC, that in some regions or selected regions it comes with phone support technology, it have a sim slot. Although, this will come true we will expected it.
For more information about, Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T1C Technical Specification click a link. Also see Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T1C for more info. A hint 700T1C is powered by intel core i5 3rd generation ivy bridge architecture processors and 500T1C with intel 3rd generation processor intel atom processors.

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